Search and replace entries from your data

The search and replace function allows you to correct the consistent spelling errors, making sure you always capitalise the site names or even correct a consistent data error.

Step 1: Select the data from the left file tree or from “files” tab which needs to be manipulated.

Step 2: Once you select the file, it will be opened in the “Data Wrangler”.

Step 3: Click on the “Search and replace” and a popup will appear.

Step 4: Select columns in which you want to apply search and replace under “Select data”.

Step 5: Click on “Search” and type the text or number that you are searching for. There are three conditions which you can set according to your data:

  1. Case sensitive: if you are searching any type of text.
  2. Exact match: if you are searching for the whole word or the exact content of the cell.
  3. Contains: if you are searching for a cell that at least contain the text or number with some other text or number.

Step 6: Click on “Replace” and type the new text or number with which you want to replace your searched text or number. There are two conditions which you can set according to your data:

  1. Replace part: It will replace the part of text or number found in the cell.
  2. Replace All: It will entirely replace the whole cell.

Step 7: The default “Result” is to overwrite the original file with the updated file.

Select how you want to save as your output file from the “output” drop down menu.

If you want to keep the original file along with your updated file then, click on “Keep all columns” or “Only keep selected columns” under “create new file”. Click “run”. The new file will be saved in the same folder as original file.