Preview and share visualisations with quick-view tabs

Step 1: To access  the“Quick view tabs”, click the “Data wrangler”.

Step 2: Select data from the left file tree or from “files” tab, it will appear below the “quick view tab” area.

Step 3: Select the “column” in data file which you want to view in quick view tab.

Step 4: According to the selected data, select the appropriate quick view tab:

  • Series: It will show a timeseries chart.
  • Scatter: it will show a scatter chart.
  • Map: It will show a map.

Step 5: To view your visualisation, you can directly create a “Dashboard” from the “+” sign in the top right corner of quick view area. Click “+” sign and you are allowed to:

  • New: Create new “Dashboard”.
  • Select: Select your already existing dashboards and it will take you directly to “Dashboard” work area.

Step 6: If you want to edit your quick visualisation, click “edit” on chart header and follow the steps.

Step 7: Share your visualisation with others by clicking on “Share” in menu bar and switch toggle button to “Public”.

Step 8: To embed the visualisation in other web page, click on “” icon on the chart to get the URL link to the created visualisation.