Average data over different time periods using ‘Moving average’

The Smooth times series function allows you to average your time series data over different time periods. This smooth the spiky peaks in the data to make it easier to interpret or detect long term tends.

Step 1: Select the data from the left file tree or from “files” tab which needs to be manipulated.

Step 2: Once you select the file, it will be opened in the “Data Wrangler”.

Step 3: Click on “Moving average” and a popup will appear.

Step 4: After you select the desired data, the smoothing approach will average the data over the defined time period.

Step 5: The default “Result” is to overwrite the original file with the updated file.

Select what you want to save as your output file from the “output” dropdown menu.

If you want to keep the original file along with your updated file then, click on “Keep all columns” or “only keep selected columns” under “create new file”. Click “run”. The new file will be saved in the same folder as original file.