Apply a single location for any file

The file based ‘single geography’ is used when all the contents of a file relate to a single location. This most commonly applies for a data file where all the data relates to a single point (e.g. meteorological data) with different columns representing different measurements and the rows representing different observations.

Step 1: Click “Data Wrangler” tab in the menu bar.

Step 2: Select the desired data from the left file tree whose geography is needed to be set.

Step 3: Select the “Set Geography” from the right side in the meta data area.

Step 4: In the Set geography pop up select ‘Single geography for entire file’.

Step 5: You have two options for defining the geography:

Auto -Select the location from another file by clicking on  ‘select’ and browse to a spatial file -geojson ( Note: Geojson file is the one which represents geographical features-the below geojson file is represented by ‘Countries’). Truii will search the spatial file for any geometric properties that match the file name.

Manual – In the map area, select an icon to draw the location points on the map using marker, polygon or line, select ‘Save’.

Step 6: Click ‘OK’ at the bottom of the popup to set the geography for the file. You have now set the geography for the file and are ready to put this on a map.