Share a dashboard

Step 1: To share your visualisation, click “Share” under “Dashboards”.

Step 2: You can view different options to share your visualisation:

  • Public: switch toggle button to “Public” to make your visualisation public to everyone.
  • Private: switch toggle button to “Private” to make your visualisation unavailable for everyone.
  • Share settings: Click “Share settings ” and a popup will appear. You can set title, bookmark, description, licence and password for your visualisation.

  1. Title: the title of the visualisation which will appear in social media.
  2. Bookmark: The bookmark text when someone will bookmark a visualisation.
  3. Description: A short description under the title of the visualisation.
  4. Licence: select a creative commons licence or specify the licence details on the dashboard.
  5. Password: To secure your visualisation, you can set a password and share it with specific users.
  • Preview: You can preview your visualisation, once its published.
  • URL link: Copy the link and share your dashboard with everyone.

Note: If you want to share a specific visualisation, but not the whole dashboard, click  on the visualisation header and a popup will appear. You can share the URL link of a specific visualisation. Also, you can embed the specific visualisation in any other webpage by using the “Embed code” in that webpage.