Introduction to Truii

What is Truii?

  • Truii is a web based data platform which provide tools for data management, data visualisation and team based data collaboration.
  • It is designed for teams who regularly work with and share data. It is data-centric and cloud-based and maintains version control.

What does Truii do?

Truii is a browser based data platform which creates unique and beautiful visualisations and also, does contract work. The contract work has following four broad categories:

  1. Project or client specific interfaces: The data would be stored in the Truii App, but the client gets their custom interfaces for visualising the results. The interface can be delivered as self-contained webpage for inclusion in their corporate intranet (for data users).
  2. Public Truii App functionality: The data structure, data wrangling procedure or the data visualisation which have the broader opportunity for its use, we create the functionality at a discounted rate and add them to Truii App, so that others can use.
  3. Private Truii App functionality: If a user has specific data structure, data wrangling procedure or data visualisation that has a commercial value, we create the functionality for the limited users who have the access to those data files.
  4. Standalone Platform: Truii creates stand alone app that has no interaction or dependency on Truii platform. These are the web projects that focus on the visualisations of unique and fixed data sets.

Get Started

To create a visualisation, you first need to Create a Truii account. The video below shows how to create a visualisation in Truii.