Analyse your data for trends

Step 1: To create “Trend test report”, click “Dashboards”.

Step 2: Select the “Analysis” option to view all the reports.

Step 3:  Select the “Trend test report” from the analysis option.

Note:  You can see the default report in your work area. Drag it to wherever you want it to be placed. Also, you can resize it by dragging the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Click “Edit” menu on the report header to edit your report’s data, appearance and social settings.

Step 5: To link data to the report, select the desired file from the left file tree and select columns from data.

Step 6:  In “Settings” click the reporting properties you want to analyse in your report. The tests for trend include:

  • Linear regression: This is a parametric test that analyses the relationship between the variable (time) and the variable of interest.
  • Mann-Kendall: The method assesses if there is upward or downward trend of the variable over time.
  • Spearman’s rho: This method is a rank-based method and measures the strength of association between two variables. The analysis is done by taking one variable as time in years itself and the other variable as corresponding time series data.

Step 7: After selecting the properties, format your report with “Formatting tab” which allows:

  • Title-font: the title font size, type and colour.
  • Title-background: the title background colour.
  • Header font: the header font size, type and colour.
  • Body font: the body font size, type and colour.
  • Alignment: alignment of the text.

Edit the settings of your visualisation for sharing on social media

To edit the information that will accompany the report when sharing on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), select the ‘Social’ tab.

Share your report

Share your dashboard with reports or a specific report using “Share” tab under “Dashboards”.